About Us


Raystronics Technology Pvt. Ltd. is pioneer of information technology in Nepal. Our effort is to introduce latest IT products, to make customers’ life more productive and their businesses more profitable. We are continually introducing new and innovative products and services that make life faster, easier and smarter experience.

Our founder, Mr. Suresh Kayastha, is in IT industry since 1997. We have good experience and very familiar with international IT industry. We are working with more than 20 renowned  brands as authorized dealer for Nepal. MSI, BenQ, Adata, XGP, TeamGroup, T-Force, Aver, Avermedia, Goldkist, Goldenfield, Aresze, Riotouch, etc are our major vendors. We are providing comprehensive range of excellent value added product such as Professional and Gaming Desktop & Laptop Computers, Projector, Printer, MFP, Surveillance, video conferencing, Interactive Flat Panel, POS Device, Consumer Electronics etc. It has combined a set of products and services that meet the immediate information technology needs of a home, small business and most exciting to Corporate Level. We have expertise in providing best after sales and support.


The company envisages being a leader in the field of Information Technology in Nepal by establishing vendor throughout the country. In addition our company has launched the e-commerce site, www.raystronics.com  on 1st of Jan 2022, which will give direct benefit to customers by price and by quick delivery service.

We are leading IT, gadgets and its components provider amongst the whole nation, and are well known for the superior product, reliability and cost effective service. As one of the largest facilities-based organization, Raystronics Technology Pvt. Ltd., leads the way toward a New World of frictionless business with its unique and seamless combination of technology and implementation.


Raystronics Technology Pvt. Ltd. is to carve a niche in the field of Information Technology in Nepal by introducing reliable, effective and appropriate technology with full technical support. Our main strategy is to combine best people, best equipment, and the best product to create superior output.

Social Welfare Policy

Besides possessing outstanding work competences, we also desire our employees to be a “better person” who make contribution to themselves, others, the society, and even the world. Thus we have organized the volunteer team respectively at facilities, and give employees full support in getting involved in social and public welfare activities. While helping others, staff could witness their own growth and progress, and the positive influence of their actions on their own family, the company and the society.